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Contact Lenses at Trinity Eye Associates

Contact Lenses from Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL

Contact Lenses, Oviedo OptometristHere at Trinity Eye Associates, we offer many different types of contact lenses, including hard, soft, colored, bifocal lenses and toric lenses.

Contact Lens Exams with our Optometrist in Oviedo, FL

During your contact lens exam, our optometrist will determine if you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. Then, your tear composition and the amount of tears in your eyes will be evaluated. If you are a good candidate for contact lenses, our eye doctor will measure your cornea and determine its precise shape.

Next, our optometrist will ask you to put a pair of sample lenses into your eyes. These lenses may or may not be your prescription. They are designed to be used to ensure your new lenses will fit properly. Once the correct fit is determined, our optometrist will write your contact lens prescription and order your lenses.

When your lenses arrive, another appointment will be scheduled to check the fit of your new lenses and make sure they meet your vision correction needs.

Types of Contacts We Offer at our Oviedo Eye Clinic

Our Oviedo eye clinic offers various types of hard and soft contact lenses.

  • Disposable Soft – Soft lenses that are worn daily for a specific number of days then thrown away and replaced with a new pair.
  • Extended Wear Soft Contacts – These contacts are designed to be worn for an extended time period, even overnight.
  • Hard or Rigid Gas Permeable – Hard lenses work well for individuals with Keratoconus or severe astigmatisms.
  • Soft Bifocal Lenses – Soft lenses that provide vision correction for individuals that need near and far distance vision correction.
  • Soft Colored Lenses – Contacts that can change the color of your eye. These lenses can be ordered with or without vision correction.
  • Toric – Special soft lenses for individuals who have astigmatism.

To schedule an appointment with our optometrist in Oviedo, Florida, call us at 407-678-9151. We are located at 3635 Aloma Avenue.

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