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Select the Perfect Eyeglasses & Frames

Selecting Eyeglasses & Frames

At Trinity Eye Associates, our optometrists enjoy helping patients find vision correction that expresses their personality and style. Yet, we know from experience that selecting glasses can be difficult. Make your experience easier with our in-person help and these tips on choosing the right frames. 

How to Choose Glasses Frames?

We often recommend that you consider your face shape when picking a new pair of glasses. Since your glasses sit on your face, they should complement its shape. If you have a naturally rounded face and you select an oversized pair of round glasses, it could make you look even rounder in the face. Instead, angular frames add a dimension of depth to the face. If you are unsure about your face shape, our staff can help you figure this out and recommend glasses shapes that work. 

Once you know the shape of glasses you're considering, think about color. You may want to pick glasses that match your eye color, or ones that add a contrasting pop of color to draw attention to the eye area. We recommend that you consider whether your skin tone is warm or cool when picking glasses frames. 

If your skin tone is naturally warm, tawny shades of tortoise, brown, gold, olive, or beige work well. If you have a cool skin tone, with pink or blue undertones, purple, pink, black, blue, and grey frames complement your skin tone. 

If you are highly active, then you must consider the material of eyeglasses. Some frames are too delicate to keep up with your active lifestyle and could easily break. Flexible eyeglasses are even able to twist, bend, and move without breaking so could support an active lifestyle. 

The Importance of Proper Frame Fit

Selecting the proper frame fit can be even more important than getting the perfect shape or color. If the frame does not fit properly its weight will not be distributed evenly and you may find yourself constantly readjusting your frame. The glasses are supported mostly by the bridge (the part in contact with your nose) and the temples (the part in contact with your ears). A perfect "bridge-fit" is particularly important for plastic frames without nose pads, as this cannot be altered. When properly fitted, a plastic frame can be extremely comfortable. Glasses that are too tight around your temples can lead to headaches and discomfort. Glasses that are too long or too short will lead to an uneven distribution and the frame will not sit properly on your face.

At Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL we help each patient with their frame selection in order to ensure the best possible frame with the perfect fit, style, color and shape to meet your visual needs.

We are open six days a week and are happy to have you stop by our Oviedo optometrist office at any time to browse our selection of eyeglasses - no appointment needed. If you would like to make an appointment to have your vision tested, call us at 407-678-9151.

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