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Meet Our Team at Trinity Eye Associates

At Trinity Eye Associates, our staff is friendly and professional. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our Oviedo patients. We take pride in our personalized care and strive to spend the necessary time with each patient to ensure a comfortable experience.

Our Oviedo optometry professionals are passionate about providing high-quality care to our family of patients. We focus on providing comprehensive eye exams, a large selection of fashionable eyewear, and the best possible vision care. Come in today to meet our Oviedo staff and make an appointment.

Jennifer Office Manager
Norma Patient Communication Coordinator/Benefits Specialist
Yanelly Patient Care Director
Laura Patient Care Assistant
Juliza Eyewear Stylist/Vision Benefits Specialist
Pressley Patient Care Assistant/ Eyewear Stylist/Vision Benefits Specialist
Judy (JJ) Patient Communication Coordinator/ Benefits Specialist
Lauren Patient Communication Assistant

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Motion Sickness and Vision

Subtle problems with vision can contribute to motion sickness, an uncomfortable problem that affects both children and adults. Fortunately, vision therapy offers an effective way

Visual Processing Disorder

Trouble reading and writing or difficulty following instructions aren’t always related to learning disabilities or behavioral issues. A problem with the way the brain processes

Anti-Reflective Coating

The material used to manufacture the lenses on your glasses often creates glare, reflections, and “ghost images” that can interfere with how well you see and cause strain and fatigue. Much of this glare can be eliminated with an Anti-reflective treatment. Aside from its vision benefits, Anti-reflective treatments also make your glasses look better. The same way you can see better out of lenses with this treatment, those looking at you can also see the difference and see your eyes instead of glare coming from your eyewear. Anti-Reflective coatings are a must for those who use the computer and persons who drive at night.