Eyecare Services

Eye Care Services in Oviedo, FL

f you are looking for a dependable optometrist in Oviedo, look no further. Our Trinity Eye Associates optometrists consist of Dr. Don Ellison and Dr. Jill Ellison, who both graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2006. With their combined experiences, they offer a number of services to all of their Oviedo patients. 

Complete Eye Exams

Getting a comprehensive eye exam on a yearly or bi-yearly basis is essential for maintaining eye health. Trinity Eye Associates is proud to offer a route eye exam package that includes all of the basic tests and assessments needed to check for changes in vision or eye problems.  It is important to detect these issues early on before they permanently impair your vision.

One such test we offer is glaucoma testing. Glaucoma is caused by an increase in eye pressure and usually does not have many noticeable symptoms. Our diagnostic tests discover the disease early on so you can begin a treatment plan before vision loss occurs. 

Corrective Vision Services

Many of our patients need contacts or glasses to improve their range and quality of sight. We offer specialized contact lens fittings to ensure that each lens sits comfortably on the curve of your eye. We also provide support for rigid gas permeable lenses, which are a perfect solution for patients with chronic dry eye and irritation from normal lenses.

If contact lenses are not preferable, browse our wide selection of frames and have one of our technicians perform an eyeglass fitting procedure to measure the shape of your face. When your glasses arrive, we will double check the fit to ensure you are happy with your choice. 

Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve lost your vision or simply suffered an injury that has impaired your sight, we can help you heal and adjust. Our therapies strengthen eye muscles through a variety of techniques in order to correct lazy or crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, and even reading disabilities.

Sometimes though, treatment may fail, leaving your vision permanently disabled. The goal of vision rehabilitation is to teach patients how to live an independent and high quality life without being able to see. We do this by assisting patients in learning to communicate without sight as well as counseling them through this rough patch.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care

For patients who have undergone LASIK, cataract, or another eye procedure, Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo can assist in your recovery. You may need certain medicines to aid in your recovery, which we can prescribe for you. Additionally, our doctors are a great resource for any questions or problems you may have before or after surgery. We will advise you on what to expect during and after the procedure so you will be prepared for any complications.

Emergency Eye Care

In conjunction with the other services we offer, we also provide a range of emergency eye care services for residents of Oviedo and the surrounding communities. Our doctor helps treat conditions such as pink eye or conjunctivitis by providing proper medical care and antibiotics as needed. Trinity Eye Associates also treats those suffering from other eye injuries and can also provide you with foreign body removal in your eyes. 

For any questions about the services we provide or to schedule an appointment, call our Oviedo today at (407) 678-9151!  

Anti-Reflective Coating

The material used to manufacture the lenses on your glasses often creates glare, reflections, and “ghost images” that can interfere with how well you see and cause strain and fatigue. Much of this glare can be eliminated with an Anti-reflective treatment. Aside from its vision benefits, Anti-reflective treatments also make your glasses look better. The same way you can see better out of lenses with this treatment, those looking at you can also see the difference and see your eyes instead of glare coming from your eyewear. Anti-Reflective coatings are a must for those who use the computer and persons who drive at night.