Eye Diseases Diagnosis and treatment

Our Doctors are trained to cover the entire spectrum of eye care. Aside from being trained to do thorough eye exams to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, offer medical diagnosis, monitoring and co-management for assorted eye problems,  such as eye infections, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, dry eyes among others. 

Our practice focuses on sub-specialties which include:

Cornea / External Disease and Dry Eyes: Diagnosing and treating diseases related to the cornea, sclera and eyelids are the primary focus of this aspect of our practice. Some of the treatment options may include topical or oral medication, recommendation of supplements, Stem cell membranes, Scleral shell for protection, among other.

Glaucoma/Cataract/Macular degenration: This specialty concentrates on diagnosis, monitoring and medical treatment of glaucoma and other age related vision disorders that can create optic nerve damage through increased ocular pressure.

Pediatric and Binocular Vision: This specialty focuses on dealing with vision problems and eye diseases affecting children. This aspect of our practice focuses on brain and eye integration to improve visual performance. 

Scleral and Specialty Contact: Diagnosing and treating irregular cornea in order to improve visual performance during daily activities. Some of this cornea irregularities include: keratoconus, Keratoglobus, after corneal transplant, corneal scars after and injury and many other corneal irregularities.